Dragon Tatoos

I disagree with a recent movie review that was in the Catholic Herald, a newspaper I receive once a week from the Diocese of Arlington, of which my church is a member. In the review, the movie ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ is classified as morally offensive. Granted, the character Lisbeth Salander makes some poor choices about her sex life, and the parts of the abuse she’s suffered that they show in the movie are morally offensive. However, the main point is that she has been abused and is being oppressed by an immoral government system that has decided that protecting information they want to keep private is more important than her welfare, her life. She fights back in a way that she can, a way that she is good at. She fights back in a way that protects herself and that rescues other victims of violence, oppression, and abuse.

Our Christian faith is a bulwark against evil in the world. We need people like Lisbeth, the diminutive girl with the dragon tatoo, to fight against injustice in any way they can. In her case, her way was behind the scenes, under the radar, and out of the spotlight – but powerful, effective, and successful.