Diane Sawyer, The Girl Without the Dragon Tatoo

If Diane Sawyer of ABC News wants to get a tatoo that’s ok with me, just not a Dragon Tatoo.

Lisbeth Salander, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and central character of the Millenium Triology by Stieg Larsson, wouldn’t march for life but she would fight for it – literally. Would Diane Sawyer?

Lisbeth was abused and oppressed by an immoral government system. The Swedish “CIA” had decided that protecting information they wanted to keep private was more important than her welfare and her life. She could have ignored the evil around her and retreated to a place that was safe for her. But she refused to do so and thus had to fight for her life and the lives of others. She fought back in a way that she could. And it was a way at which she was good. When she fought back she protected herself and rescued other victims of violence, oppression, and abuse. Her Dragon Tatoo is a symbol of strength, courage, bravery, and justice.

Is Diane Sawyer worthy of wearing a Dragon Tatoo? After all she has walked the battlefields of Iraq and reported from the wreckage of the great tsunami of Japan. Her job title is News Anchor, and I can see a fire in her eyes for truth and justice. She is the voice most people associate with one of the biggest, most influential news organizations in the world. But is she carrying out the responsibility that her title demands? She reads the news headlines she is told to read. She travels to the trouble spots around the world that she is told to travel to. But is that enough? Does she have a responsibility to inform herself as to the major issues of the day and to have an awareness of major events taking place around the world? This country? How about in Washington, DC? Or in front of the Supreme Court?

ABC News is known as a news organization. On Monday, January 23, 2012, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators from all over the United States and all over the world converged on the Supreme Court in Washington, DC in support of a divisive national issue. Vast crowds stretched in every direction on the mall and onto side streets farther than the eye could see listening to speakers before marching to the Supreme Court. For several hours tens upon tens if not hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people marched past the Supreme Court. For ABC news executives this event was not newsworthy enough to merit even a few seconds of coverage on the nightly news. Smaller national capitol events often receive weeks of ad nauseum pre-coverage (parking, traffic patterns, subway schedules, street closures) and leading news first-story status on the nightly news.

During the same month, a couple of hundred protestors were camping in Washington, DC in support of a different national issue, also divisive in nature. The same ABC News managers believed that this was newsworthy enough to merit over 120 seconds of coverage newscast after newscast every night for weeks including the night of the January 23rd Supreme Court mecca.

Diane Sawyer, get that Dragon Tatoo. It can be a rub-on if you don’t want a real one. Put your foot down this year (January 25, 2013). Insist on reporting on the March for Life. I don’t think you deserve a Dragon Tatoo. I hope I’m wrong about you. I hope you’ll read this, educate yourself about it, and demand it be covered.