For Abortion Issue Voters

There are good people trying to do the right thing on both sides of this issue. Each of us has to decide what we think is best. One-sided media posts from either side rousing up their side to believe the other side is going to “destroy their freedom, destroy their country, etc.” don’t do anything to create better understanding of the issues.

Here are some plain, non-flamed up facts and opinions I’d like to share, for example (against abortion).

In DC unborn babies capable of feeling pain are aborted during late term abortions. It’s legal. The DC District Council repealed it’s entire abortion law and it is now legal there for any reason right up until birth. A facility in DC offers a type of abortion up to 26 weeks in which the baby is dismembered. The Constitution gives ultimate responsibility for protection of human life and other matters in DC to Congress and the President.

On July 31, 2012, the House supported the D.C. Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act by 220-154. The bill would ban abortions, except to save the life of the mother, at 20 weeks fetal age on the basis that by this point the baby can feel pain. I feel compassion for these unborn babies and want to do something for them. Obama’s press secretary, Jay Carney said the bill is “controversial, divisive social legislation” and “the President’s position on a woman’s reproductive freedom is well known.”

I think Obama would veto any law that protects the unborn. When asked about it in the past he usually speaks about protecting the rights of women. Who can argue with that? The rights of the unborn babies or the fathers are not mentioned. I don’t think someone who supports this type of policy on late abortions should be president. It doesn’t mean I hate women, or want to deny them rights. I believe the rights of the unborn need protection.

I know that sometimes its very late in a pregnancy that a doctor discovers a defect in a baby that indicates it will suffer painfully if it is born. I believe even every one of these babies should be born, loved, comforted, and that every effort to improve his/her condition and to relieve his/her pain should be taken. I believe if a particular set of parents isn’t ready, willing, able, or capable of caring for such a child that someone will step in and help.

If you believe it’s better to abort the baby in a case like above or if you believe it’s better to legislate mandates to let it be born, demonizing people who don’t agree with you or re-posting one-sided media posts that incite disdain for your opponents don’t do anything to create better understanding of the issues.